Modern Science Meets My Grandma

Modern Science Meets My Grandma

This year I return to my roots because not everything that is new and shiny means that it is better.

My grandma was a Chinese healer who helped people who couldn't afford doctors learn to heal themselves. She called it "street medicine" and she taught me the root of how to heal when I was just a kid visiting her.   My "ma-ma" was quiet woman standing only 4 ft. 10 inches and politely nodding in public. In private, when we would be in her room, she was a powerhouse. She lived in a small village where she never learned to read and write so instead watched other women and men heal using plants, their hands, and energy work.

She said, "You don't learn to be a healer, it is what comes out of you to touch the world"

That simple truth remains the heart of what I want to teach myself and my patients. That healing comes from inside not from what we do from the outside to change our minds, bodies or situations.

Our most powerful ability to heal lives inside us- our breath and energy.

If you're in the Tricities, I've started teaching breathwork and qigong in person using what my grandma and blending it with modern techniques. If you're in town, come join us! Dates are always changing but you can look for the sign up HERE 

Although I'm not seeing patients in person right now, I still offer neurofeedback as a tool to help with anxiety and depression, attention, and other brain training techniques especially for those with pain and autoimmune conditions.   This technology helps condition the brain out of old patterns and create new ones.  It's not zapping your brain, instead it is just reading the signals in real time and letting your brain heal itself.  Ive had some amazing changes happen from my patients.  Read some of them at yourbutnoutdoc on Instagram.  The best part is being able to offer neurofeedback remotely which means you can create new brain patterns from the comfort of your homes, anywhere!   If you're curious, reach out for a free phone consult to see if you're a good fit for neurofeedback.  

Plant Medicine Toolkit
I find that nature has her own resources that can heal.  Many of what we know as medicine is lab versions of what is known in nature.  For the last few years, I've helped people explore microdosing psychedlics to increase energy, focus and open up paths to their own healing.
Microdosing does not create an altered mental state (you don't get high) but there are changes on a chemical and biological level that makes a difference for those with persistant pain and autoimmune conditions.   Thanks to those who joined my online groups last year!   My aim is to help people understand that mental and physical health are one and the same and to use tools wisely to dive deeper into our own healing instead of using them as an escape. These groups are online over 5 weeks and I personally guide you through your own microdosing experience using reputable and safe products.   Even though we don't have dates set for this year, you can read and watch a video about the microdosing group here

Don't be a stranger, I always enjoy hearing from you.   And hope you thrive and do what brings you joy in this year!

Dr. Irene

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